Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

If you have been served with an Emergency Protection Order (also known as EPO) then you have an upcoming court date in the Court of Queens Bench (QB) within 10 days of the complainant getting the Order in Provincial Court. The court review date in QB will be stated at the bottom of the EPO form.

Although the complainant went to Provincial Court and provided their side of events to a Judge who gave the complainant the protection order, the review date is when you have the opportunity to respond. At the review, you can defend yourself and fight to have the EPO removed or changed if your information persuades the Judge that there is no actual threat and /or fear worthy of an EPO. Often on the court review date, your lawyer negotiate with the complainant’s lawyer and resolve matters in a way which suits both sides. However, there are specific deadlines for filing documents and when the position of each side is too far apart, a full hearing set for another day before a Judge may be required to have a decision rendered.

There isn’t a lot of time to get ready for court, so give my assistant Pam a call at (403) 452-3565.

You may also have been charged with Assault and/or Uttering Threats and have an upcoming criminal court appearance date. I can represent you on that matter as well, visit our Domestic Assault page for more information or call my assistant Pam at (403) 452-3565.