Parent Coordination


Parenting Coordinator/Arbitrator in Calgary

Parenting Coordination/Arbitration is a child-centred dispute resolution process in which a qualified, impartial Parent Coordinator assists separated or divorced parents to implement their parenting plan and to resolve issues or conflicts that arise concerning parenting. This can include:

Parenting Coordination is a process that gives parents access to a neutral decision-maker who can resolve day-to-day parenting conflicts as they arise, with the goal of minimizing further conflict and additional appearances in Court. Parents in conflict can retain a Parenting Coordinator on their own initiative or be referred to by the Court.

Ms. Carter’s wealth of knowledge and experience with children and families allows her to effectively help parents “bridge the gap” that often occurs during separation and divorce. If you need help during this difficult time, call my assistant Pam at (403) 452-3565 or schedule a consultation.