Domestic Assault

Domestic Violence Lawyer Calgary

Domestic Violence Lawyer Calgary

Melanie M. Carter extensive experience dealing with domestic conflict. If you have been charged with Assault and/or Assault Causing Bodily Harm and the complainant is a family member or someone else living with you, then your matter is referred to as a “Domestic Assault”.

In Calgary, Domestic Assaults are scheduled in a specific courtroom located in room #508 at the Calgary Court Centre. Domestic court was specifically set up with specialized Crown Prosecutors, and a team of community workers called “Home Front” who support and communicate with the complainant. This specialized courtroom was set up to address matters of domestic assault in a timely fashion with the intention of helping families quickly address family violence issues and wherever possible help keep families intact with the appropriate resources for both the accused and the compliment.

However, an Assault is still a criminal charge with potential long lasting implications. Should you be plead guilty or be found guilty after trial, you will have a Criminal Record. Just because you were charged with Assault does not mean you are guilty of the offence. It is important to act quickly and retain a lawyer to ensure you have full and effective legal representation in court.

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You may also have been served with an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) from Family Court in addition to your criminal charge. There are short but specific time lines which need to be addressed. I can also represent you in court on your EPO. Go to the EPO link to get more information on this topic, call my assistant Pam at (403) 452-3565 or schedule a consultation.